Friday, January 15, 2010


Hello my Half Nutz group just wanted to share with you
some advice.

See this wonderful seed pod that falls from the trees
and are all over the streets and sidewalks where we
run on the weeknights just a bit of advice.
Stay away from them far far away from them!!!
They are our enemy to us runners.
Last Thursday nights run I was doing good trying
to dodge them in the streets and I have always
had a fear of stepping on one just right and hurt myself.
Well my fears have came true I was running along
with Kristin, Sharon, Elizabeth and Benita when
we crossed the street to go toward Riverside
to run on the trail I didn't see one of those lovely
things because it was getting dusky and down I
went falling hard to the cement and hurting my
knee, hitting my chin which in turn jarred my head
back and causing my lower back to hurt along
with my upper body from trying to catch myself
and I also skinned up both my hands.
I didn't know how I was going to make it back
to the store and the girls were so kind to help me up
and we walked across the street with me limping in
pain and fortunately I ran into Todd and Stephanie
who was finishing up their run and luckily had parked
their cars at the riverparks so Stephanie gave me a ride
back to Runnersworld. I was proud of my group finishing
up their 3 miles.

This morning (Friday) when I woke up I was more stiff and sore
and could barely raise my arms up to even brush my hair.
I decided to go visit Dr. Zoellner who is a great chiropractor
and I would highly recommend him to any runner who is
having pain issues to see him. He runs with runnersworld also
and that is what I like cause he knows all the aches and pains
of runners. Well he assessed me and said I really boogered
myself up from the fall. He sent me right away down the street
to get an x-ray of my neck and then I went back to him
and he said that my xray showed a small fracture in my neck
which was probably from the previous fall I had back in April
after the OKC half when I passed out and fell and hit my head
hard which silly me didn't have checked out.
but anyways he scraped my shoulders (which if you never had
this done it is painful but helps so much after it is done) then
he taped me up with special tape and then he adjusted my lower
back and hip flexors, then he stretched my neck out because
he didn't want to do any adjustment on that until I have a
CT scan of my neck just to be sure nothing else is going on with it.
then he did scrape my neck and knee then taped my knee up.
He told me to rest and ice everything all weekend long
and no running this week at all so I will just be out there
cheering everyone on this saturday.

So I am sad I won't be able to run with everyone this
week but I will still be there to cheer and help out.

So on that note please please beware of those seed pods
or whatever you may call them they are dangerous.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Wow what a cold Saturday morning for a run.
Some of us crawled out of our nice warm bed and
bundled up and met at Veterans park at 7:45 for
our 5 mile trek. We took off on our run but we
decided that a walk was more suitable for us
because of the road conditions was still a little
scary with ice in the residential areas.

I was excited that some of our group showed up
to brave the 14 degree temps with me.
I was going to do the riverparks trail
but ended up doing the designated course
with Kristin, Benita and Amanda.
Kristin and Amanda both brought their
cute dogs out to join us. We were also joined
by 2 others not with our group. My daughter
Alicia who is new to our group came but decided
she would run the course with her dad who leads the
Sole train group with Sandra.

It was brutally cold and the wind was blowing
oh so lovely that when we started out I couldn't
feel my fingertips and I even had double
layer of gloves on.

The route was awesome and not too bad
with the hills. I wouldn't mind that course again
when the weather is a bit warmer and not icy.
props to Tatur Dave for this course.
I enjoyed all the beautiful houses we went
by and still some had their Christmas decorations
up. By the time we got back we were like
frozen popsicles and I couldn't get warm and
was shivering like crazy.

I missed the ones that didn't get to come out and have
a bone chilling fun with us. I understand about
staying home where it is nice and warm in
the comfort of your home believe you me
it was oh so tempting for me.

I won't be able to make it out next Saturday
for even colder temps of 9 degrees to have
fun with you all but I have to play grandma
and stay home with my beautiful granddaughter

who is getting to spend some time with me
while my daughter and her husband go skiing
in Colorado if it were me I would want to go
somewhere warm instead ha ha.

Hope everyone has a great week
and I will see you out again in a week.

Monday, December 21, 2009


It was a cool Saturday morning for our training run but
thankfully not as cold as it was last Saturday.
I was glad to see some of my team Half Nutz bundled
up and ready to go.

Pictured are Becky,Candy,Elizabeth, Stephanie, Don,
Deanna, Amanda (who just had a birthday) & our mascot Mia.

I got my new camera so I was excited to use it to take
pictures of my group. I have such a good group and
enjoy everytime we get together.

We headed out for our 4 mile 1/1 method which in actuality
according to my garmin we did 5 miles. Woo Hoo way to go
Half Nutz! We did it in an hour and a half which was awesome.
Here is my group keeping up a good pace and
still smiling. Pictured in the back row Kristin, Benita & ?
(I am sorry I forgot his name I promise I will get better
at remembering) joined in with our group.
Stephanie is doing a good job at keeping ahead of us.
We would let her know when my beeper went off by
yelling "beep beep".
Elizabeth & I kept together the whole way and
I learned of all the hardships she has had to
conquer in the past few years. I admire her
for overcoming everything she has had to
overcome and she is still so positive and
smiling. Elizabeth you rock!

When we finished up my heart did act up
a bit on me and it did put me down on
the couch most of the weekend but I
am hoping it was just a fluke and I can
make it through the half marathon
training with my group but even
if it comes to where I can't please
know I will still be there for you to help
all of you achieve your goals.

I did miss the ones that didn't get to come
and hopefully you will be there this coming
Saturday. I hear it is supposed to be really cold
so please bundle up before heading out the
door to run.

Monday nights we have a small group that meets
at 21st & Riverside @ 5:30 it was started by my husband
so we call it Bobby's bunch. I will be there and probably
just walk a couple of miles because I am still not 100%
better but you all are welcome to join us.

I will also be there Tuesday night for our run but
won't be able to make it this coming Thursday. They
are meeting at 4p.m. that night if anyone wants to go.

After our Saturday runs some of us always go to breakfast
to eat extra calories and refuel with good food.
WE ended up at Blue dome diner and it is very good
if any of you haven't tried there food.
Here is a pic of some of my friends who are also group
leaders that ate with us.
Jason who leads team "half squatch", Lisa & Ken
lead team "faster than Oprah".

Hope everyone has a safe and Merry Christmas
and I will see you out in the cold for another
great running adventure.

Monday, December 14, 2009


I woke up Saturday excited to meet my new group
and when I set foot out the door I wanted to snuggle
back under the covers becuase it was so cold outside
but I bundled up and out the door I went. The wind
was horrible but I have ran in all kinds of weather
so I knew what to expect.

I arrived early so I could help get things set up for the
kick off to training. I found a spot to stand with my sign
and waited for my group to show up.

I met the ones in my group that showed up and we
waited around til time to get started. I discussed
with my group on the 1/1 method I would be doing.
everyone agreed they would love to try this method so I
was excited that I would be having company with me on this.

We headed out on our 3 mile walk/run which by my garmin
we actually did 3.6 miles way to go guys! We did average
on our first outing about 16 minute miles. I wanted to take
it slow so everyone could keep up which they did awesome
at doing. I have walkers that will be learning to run so I
want to be sure to be there for them to help them in anyway
I can. I did try and answer any questions they had along the way
but didn't want to overload them right away with alot of info.

I plan on sending out weekly emails with little tidbits of info
that will help them especially for our longer runs they will
need to know about proper nutrition and hydration.
Kathy will also be doing her awesome emails with advise so
be looking for that as well.

I will be getting my new camera this week so I will be taking
pictures of our group so be watching for me. I also
plan on taking pics of my group when they are running
and making big strides along the way. I also plan
on documenting on this blog on their accomplishments
during this journey.

I look forward to seeing them again and getting more aquainted
with them. I hope you keep coming back and not get discouraged
at first because everyone has that feeling at first and if you keep
pushing forward that will pass and be filled with elation of your
accomplishment and then you will be hooked like me.

This Saturday (Dec. 19th) we will be doing 4 miles so get plenty
of rest and hydrate well. We will be running what we call the Zink
lake loop which I love doing. We will run on the east and west side
of the river parks path. There will be water fountains along the way
but as we get longer mileage you may want to think about carrying
water with you because you never know how the water situation
will be and it is important to keep drinking even though it is
cold out you still need water.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I want to welcome you to the half nutz group.
I figured we are a little nutz for doing this
but we will have fun along the way as we
reach our goal of a half marathon.
I have created this blog so I can keep everyone
posted on what is going on in our group.
I will be posting pics from time to time and
report all your accomplishments during our
half marathon training.
I started running with Runnersworld for a little
over 3 years. I started the same way you all are
doing learning how to put one foot in front of the
other. I never had ran before and I didn't think
I could even do 3 miles let alone a half marathon.
Coach Kathy always told us that we could do anything
we set our mind on doing. I started out with baby steps
learning how to run from lightpole to lightpole and finally
I progressed to where I could run a half mile without
I have ran two half marathons and numorous 5K's.
I have heart issues so I have to keep my pace
slow and the meds I am on makes it hard for me
to breathe like I should while running but I push
on and never give up no matter how long it may
take me to finish. Last April I did the OKC half
marathon and afterwards I had a heart episode
and passed out and my heart dr. told me I needed
to slow down and just run a few miles only. I changed
my meds and it is helping, so having thought I would
never attempt another half marathon I wasn't going
to be a run leader but maybe help out with just the walkers
because I am good at that. I just returned back from
a trip to Greece with our running group and had so much
fun I decided to join them again to Scotland in May 2010
but not run because they only had a half marathon and marathon.
My daughter decided she wanted to go with us this time and try
doing the half marathon and she wanted me to do it with her.
I was a little skeptical about trying this again but I said what
the heck I will give it a try. I don't know if my dr. would
approve but I am doing it anyways so as the saying goes
for you all is "Do as I say not as I do". I then decided I would
be a run leader and hope that I can help each one of you
along the way to achieve your goals. I know you can do it
and we will get through it together one foot at a time.
I'm not going to sugar coat it and say it will be easy
because it won't, but with a little hard work it can be done.
I am going to be trying a new method of running 1 minute
and walking 1 minute which will make it easier for my
condition and it will help you beginners too. I hope you
will want to join me doing this but you aren't
required to stay with me and do what I am doing.
Everyone sets there own pace and do what feels right for them.
I look forward to meeting each one of you and get to know
you a little better and hope you will get to know me
better too. I look at it as making new friends and
cheering you to the finish.