Friday, January 15, 2010


Hello my Half Nutz group just wanted to share with you
some advice.

See this wonderful seed pod that falls from the trees
and are all over the streets and sidewalks where we
run on the weeknights just a bit of advice.
Stay away from them far far away from them!!!
They are our enemy to us runners.
Last Thursday nights run I was doing good trying
to dodge them in the streets and I have always
had a fear of stepping on one just right and hurt myself.
Well my fears have came true I was running along
with Kristin, Sharon, Elizabeth and Benita when
we crossed the street to go toward Riverside
to run on the trail I didn't see one of those lovely
things because it was getting dusky and down I
went falling hard to the cement and hurting my
knee, hitting my chin which in turn jarred my head
back and causing my lower back to hurt along
with my upper body from trying to catch myself
and I also skinned up both my hands.
I didn't know how I was going to make it back
to the store and the girls were so kind to help me up
and we walked across the street with me limping in
pain and fortunately I ran into Todd and Stephanie
who was finishing up their run and luckily had parked
their cars at the riverparks so Stephanie gave me a ride
back to Runnersworld. I was proud of my group finishing
up their 3 miles.

This morning (Friday) when I woke up I was more stiff and sore
and could barely raise my arms up to even brush my hair.
I decided to go visit Dr. Zoellner who is a great chiropractor
and I would highly recommend him to any runner who is
having pain issues to see him. He runs with runnersworld also
and that is what I like cause he knows all the aches and pains
of runners. Well he assessed me and said I really boogered
myself up from the fall. He sent me right away down the street
to get an x-ray of my neck and then I went back to him
and he said that my xray showed a small fracture in my neck
which was probably from the previous fall I had back in April
after the OKC half when I passed out and fell and hit my head
hard which silly me didn't have checked out.
but anyways he scraped my shoulders (which if you never had
this done it is painful but helps so much after it is done) then
he taped me up with special tape and then he adjusted my lower
back and hip flexors, then he stretched my neck out because
he didn't want to do any adjustment on that until I have a
CT scan of my neck just to be sure nothing else is going on with it.
then he did scrape my neck and knee then taped my knee up.
He told me to rest and ice everything all weekend long
and no running this week at all so I will just be out there
cheering everyone on this saturday.

So I am sad I won't be able to run with everyone this
week but I will still be there to cheer and help out.

So on that note please please beware of those seed pods
or whatever you may call them they are dangerous.


  1. Those are porcupine eggs.

    No, they are really the fruit of the sweet gum tree.

    I am so sorry you got hurt. I pray you get better soon.

  2. Ever eat a sweet gum pod? Yes, some parts are edible.